Frequently asked questions

What is difference between stayforRewards and other loyalty program?

Members of stayforRewards loyalty program are benefited with 2xReward system, rewarded by hotel and by the stayforRewards. Members enjoy earning reward points for their expenditures at the hotel and also for being a member of the loyalty program. So, from the day you are an active member of stayforRewards, you will be earning loyalty points continuously.

How do I join?

There are a several ways to join stayforRewards loyalty program. You may enrol yourself on our website or while making a booking on our website. Additionally, you can also enrol at the front desk in any partner hotel of stayforRewards.

Membership is free. Signing up for membership is an easy and simple process. Fill in your last name, first name, country and email address, accept terms and conditions and privacy policy and submit. Check your email for your membership details. The email address will eventually become the membership log in ID to access to stayforRewards account.

How do I earn stayforRewards points?

Members earn points based on their expenditures at hotel where the transaction is settled by cash or card payment. Most importantly a member earns points for an eligible stay (see 2.8). All active members are also periodically rewarded with stayforRewards honour points. In some exceptions stayforRewards may reward members with promotional or bonus points.

What are stayforRewards SE points?

SE Points mean Self Earning Points - a unit that is accumulated by paying expenses in cash or card.

What are stayforRewards Honor points?

Honor points are rewarded by stayforRewards loyalty program. This reward method is a random approach but not guaranteed to any minimum points or a regular period and rewarded to active members only. However, all active members will eventually be earning stayforRewards honor points.

Who can become a stayforRewards member?

Membership is generally open to any adult (see Terms and Conditions). Corporations, associations, groups and/or other entities need additional permission and should apply separately to become a member of stayforRewards.

How do I earn SE points?

Members or Cardholders accumulate stayforRewards SE points on the following basis: stayforRewards Earning Points Payment made with reward points is not eligible in accumulating stayforRewards points. Any taxes such as VAT and City Tax are not considered for awarding points. Mostly room price, food and drinks price are included VAT. So for example if your bill was 90.00€ and you received 75 points that means points are awarded on your net payment after deducting taxes (VAT and others).

How do I earn Honor points?

All active members of stayforRewards earn honor points (see also 1.9). Earning honor points is not guaranteed to any minimum points or a regular period. These points are periodically rewarded by stayforRewards.

I didn't receive my SE points. What should I do?

SE points are updated within 14 days counting from check-out date. If your stay was an eligible and your hotel bill was settled in cash or card and you still did not receive your points, then please contact our customer support. Our customer support team will make sure you receive your points.

Can I earn points if I book a hotel for someone else?

Yes. As long as you settle the payment, you are eligible to earn points. Just make sure you use the email address associated with your stayforRewards account while making reservation.

Can I earn points for my other expenditures in the hotel, like the restaurant, mini bar or parking?

Yes. If the stay is eligible you will earn SE points if those expenditures also appear on your bill.

How can I redeem my reward points?

You can redeem your points by making a reservation on the stayforRewards website

Are there any limits to minimum points spending?

Yes, minimum 1,000 points. Members can choose any amount to spend from 1,000 points.

Are there any limits to maximum points spending?

No. There no are limits to points spending as long balance allows.


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